Support the fight against Breast Cancer
Support the fight against Breast Cancer
Reviewer: Anders Öberg (Sweden)  
Exellent photo book. The best summary of this subject so far. Very good quality and well worth the price. Recomend it warmly.

Very thorough, January 19, 2007
Reviewer: R. Kichenama (New York, NY USA) - See all my reviews
I was really suprised by the comprehensiveness. The articles really illuminate the vintage style of burlesque and tease. It is more than just a jumble of massive breasts, though there are many which made my eyes bulge, but a lesson on a different era where women were their own mystique.

  Very Nice, January 18, 2007
Reviewer: J. Choy "jmin" (Australia) - See all my reviews
All good. The book is fantastic. It gives an insight to the abundance of blessed ladies.

The Big Book of Breasts, January 9, 2007
Reviewer: Amir Diatlowicki "Amir" (Haifa, ISRAEL) - See all my reviews
Outstanding publication, must for every good nude pictures lovers.

Reviewer: Candye L. Kane "blues diva" (san diego, ca) - See all my reviews
This is a great book and looks nice on the coffee table. It has high quality glossy pages and makes soft porn look like art. I am proud to be included in this book even though my nude modeling days have been over for 20 years. The book chronicles big busty models from the 40's to the 70's. I am included in the '70s section which is a mistake since I was still in high school until 1980. Noticeably missing from the book are interviews with legends like Annie Sprinkle and Chesty Morgan but it is a lovely celebration of big natural breasts. In those days there was very little silicone so its nice to see breasts in all their normal shapes.

As for the review by robin, I have to say that she/he is naive if he/she thinks that we breast models didnt know we were being exploited by a male dominated business. Of course we knew what the adult business was about but many of us used our god given assets for survival and opportunity. Any true sex positive feminist knows that when a woman controls her own body and her own bodys' image and chooses to share that image with others, that is the ultimate power and control. I was exploited no more than consumers are exploited by Mcdonalds or Microsoft or any other large male dominated corporation. YES I made lots of money and I used that money to make a career in music. Breasts of all sizes are beautiful and all of them should be celebrated but its nice to see them look like the beautiful works of art that they are! Thank you Dian Hanson and Taschen for another great product.

Lady bumps, December 10, 2006
Reviewer: Robin Benson - See all my reviews
An appropriately large (check out the Product Detail dimensions) book for a large subject. Dian Hanson does all guys a favor by presenting the most memorable large ladies of yesteryear. As the book is basically nostalgia she mostly ignores the silicone rush of the last few years so no Chelsea Charms or Lolo Ferrari for example. Her introduction covers all the usual bases, Freud, war time pin-ups, Jane Russell in the Outlaw, burlesque strippers and most importantly the arrival of the pictorial men's magazine. Without these this book wouldn't exist.

All the photos relate to the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies so the majority are black and white (beautifully designed and printed in 175dpi on quality paper) and impressively large on the page, too. Despite a rather niche part of the overall publishing market the magazines that these models appeared in must have been seen by millions of men and the softcore poses are now sufficiently dated to seem sweetly seductive. Unfortunately there isn't an index so you can't flip immediately to your favorites and not everybody is included anyway (I can't seem to find Busty Russell anywhere) but interestingly there are several models shown, who despite appearing in dozens of titles, are captioned as unknown.

Amongst the dozens of models included, nine (Storm, Barr, Wilkinson, Angelo, Digard, Samples, Natividad, Kane and Stitz) get feature interviews (plus extra photos) and typically they come across as good hearted but sometimes rather naïve in allowing themselves to be ripped-off in a male world and there is hardly a mention about whether any of them made any money from their endowments. The last lady in the book is Guinness Record holder Norma Stitz (though I expect fans of European Karola might query Norma's title) and she is a fitting climax to a wonderful book of visual male fantasies.

Thanks for the Mammaries!, December 8, 2006
Reviewer: Jerry P. Danzig (New York, NY USA) - See all my reviews
Well, now you know what holiday gift to get the breast man in your life! This weighty tome is stuffed with spectacular photos of some of the greatest all-natural big-breasted models the world has ever seen, plus some amusing interviews with great big-boob stars like June Wilkinson, Candy Samples, and Uschi Digard. There are a few strange omissions here. Though legends like Roberta Pedon and Joyce Mandel get their proper due, missing in action are such equally remarkable models as Arlene Bell, Lane Weldon, and Pam Brown. It is also strange that a book devoted to all-natural models would include an interview with Kitten Natividad, whom the book confirms had silicone enhancement. And then the book ends in the seventies, presumably because more recent photos of more recent subjects would be copyrighted. The fact is, lovers of natural breasts know that we have actually entered a NEW golden age. Current all-natural models like Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Autumn-Jade, Chloe Vevrier, and Nicole Peters of the Score Group -- which has become the new "MGM Studios of the SuperNaturals" -- all equal or surpass the legends in this book. And then there is the stunning Russian shopgirl who goes by the nom de bazoom Merilyn Sekova -- she is probably the greatest slim and stacked model of all time. Unfortunately none of these beauties appear in this book, but one hopes that Dian Hanson will be able to compile a sequel... Otherwise I agree with the other reviewer who wished for an index of models here -- that would be helpful. And you have to love the cover -- the picture here doesn't show you it works. The black lingerie you see resides on a clear plastic sleeve, which you can peel off to reveal the mouthwatering rack beneath in its bare mountainous majesty. Russ Meyer would have been thrilled!

A Breast Lover's dream book, December 6, 2006
Reviewer: The Spud Man "Spuddie" (VT usa)
This book is exceptionally well done. The photos are on almost every page. They are large and clear. Us old timers will remember many, many of the names of these beautiful ladies and their endowments.

The stories are great too. I wish the book were twice as long with twice the stories. But then it would still not be enough. I love looking through it again and again. Dian Hanson has done an outstanding editing job. As with all her books this one is another winner. My one tiny complaint is I wish there were an index of the models and the pages their photos were on. There are several of many of the models and it would be nice to compare them one after the other.

Great Collection of Pictures - Good Story Too!, November 20, 2006
Reviewer: Spencer Hutchings
Just got my book today. I must say it's nice to see a book devoted to how breasts should be; natural, large and naked. The stories in the book are interesting and if correct, quite fascinating. Any natural breast lover should not hesitate to add this to their collection.
The Big Book of Breasts
By Dian Hanson
Support the fight against Breast Cancer
Support the fight against Breast Cancer
The Big Book of Breasts
By Dian Hanson
The Big Book of Breasts
The Big Book of Breasts
The Big Book of Breasts
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